We take your branding seriously and actively protect it.  We can help identify which potential marks you should protect, secure federal registration or international protection, and protect your trademarks through litigation and other techniques.

We practice all aspects of trademark law at CMB, building, managing, and enforcing international portfolios for our clients.  

Our trademark services include: 

Trademark prosecution.  We have prosecuted over a hundred trademark applications at the USPTO and internationally.  We determine the appropriate classes and marks to pursue to make sure your brand is protected.

Trademark enforcement.  We routinely draft and issue cease and desist letters for our clients.  We also litigate their trademarks to protect their rights and settle disputes.  

Litigation / Local Counsel.  We serve as trademark litigation counsel in both the Eastern District of Texas and the Northern District of Georgia for trademark litigants.  We can actively participate in your case as an advocate and provide substantive and procedural assistance with your filings.

Trademark oppositions and cancellations.  We have successfully opposed  others' trademark applications and successfully defended clients in cancellation proceedings at the Trademark Appeal Board.  

Trademark portfolio management.  We currently manage large international trademark portfolios for our clients.  You can rest assured that we are protecting your brand wherever it exists, in the USA and abroad.