Patent Applications

40+ years of top Quality prosecution

Leading Fortune 100 technology companies rely on us for patent preparation and prosecution. Our experienced attorneys draft top quality patent applications in the electrical, computer, and mechanical technology spaces. We have a greater than 95% success track record in prosecuting these applications at the USPTO. Since we are also seasoned patent litigators, we draft and prosecute applications with an eye towards future enforcement issues. Some of our attorneys are also former patent examiners, giving us additional insight into the nuances of patent prosecution.


Patent Litigation

Expert litigators 

Our attorneys also specialize in patent litigation. We have handled numerous cases in various districts across the US. We provide top representation without big firm rates. We recently successfully maintained venue post TC Heartland and won on appeal at the Federal Circuit. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants on a case-by-case basis.

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Inter Partes and Ex Parte Review

Efficiently Navigate Complex USPTO Proceedings

We can initiate or defend post-grant proceedings at the USPTO. Let us discuss your specific needs and provide a solution. 

Patent Licensing

Monetizing your innovations

We also have experience in drafting various instruments with a patent licensing component. Sometimes these are settlement agreements, but in the past these have also taken the form of joint ventures or asset purchase agreements. Our attorneys have experience in drafting complex agreements that can impact both US and international IP rights.





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