CMB is hiring

We are currently looking for top professionals to join our team.  Our firm culture emphasizes top work quality and personal freedom.  This means we are looking for self-motivated individuals who are very good at what they do.  Unlike most law firms, we do not operate on a strict hours requirement.  We instead focus on efficiency and quality.  Likewise, we do not have strict office hours.  We do not care when or where you work, so long as you get the work done in a timely fashion and consistently exceed client expectations.  

Please send all applications to

Patent Agent

We are looking for an experienced patent agent with a technical background in CS, CmpE, or EE.  The position will focus on drafting patent applications related to computer software and also representing clients at the USPTO.  You can work from anywhere, but you will regularly interact with the other CMB team members in preparing patent applications and responding to Office Actions.

Patent litigation attorney

We are looking for a seasoned patent litigator to add to our team.  Most of our plaintiff cases are contingency.  We are looking for someone who can work efficiently and without a lot of oversight.  Patent litigators who work with us have a chance to earn much more than an attorney working in a typical law firm.  Unlike firms that bleed their clients dry (one of our opponents just billed $100k for two briefs), we typically partner with our clients in an effort to share in a much larger successful result.  Even though this is primarily a litigation position, prep and pros experience is highly favored.  We believe experience across all facets of patent law makes for a much better litigator.