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Top IP and Corporate legal talent focused on business value-add.

We are a nimble law firm focused on intellectual property and corporate law.  Our founding partners left top-ranked "big law" firms to provide you with the same top-shelf legal talent, while cutting out the typical inefficiencies and overhead that eat into your legal budget.  We focus on adding value to your business, not adding tasks and time to your bills.  After all, your lawyers should be working for you — not the other way around.

We look forward to seeing how we can help you.  Feel free to email us here, or contact any one of us so we can get the ball rolling.  We work closely as a team, so even if you call Josh looking for patent help, we will get it sorted out.  

Josh Clayton (Dallas / Corporate)

phone:  713-410-6217


Brannon McKay (Atlanta / Intellectual Property)

phone:  404-414-8633


Ben Bailey (Atlanta / Intellectual Property and Corporate)

phone: 678-667-1388



Clayton, McKay & Bailey, PC
1155 Mt Vernon Hwy
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You can also learn about our Tech and IP monetization company, Apex Tech Ventures, by clicking here.



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